Scout 360°

A Complete Recruitment Process Automation Solution

Save up to 65% of your recruitment operational costs

Why Scout 360 ?

  • Unsuitable Applicants

    There is an opening in your company and after advertising it, you receive hundreds of CV’s and applications from unsuitable candidates.

  • No Applicants

    Even after advertising the opening in your company, you fail to receive any applications right fit to fill the position.

  • Right person, but wrong Social media profile

    You think you have found the right person to fill a role in your company but then looking at their social media presence you wonder if the candidate was suitable after all.

  • Getting the best young talent

    How do you get the best young talent, when there are so many companies trying to hire the best talent.

  • Improving efficiency in recruitment process

    Unnecessary and ineffective administration time and duplication of effort is what soaks up the vast majority of a recruiters time.In particular, sourcing potentially suitable applicants and reviewing CV’s and profiles can take hours, if not days. When calculating the cost per hire metric, many recruiters fail to factor in the time that they spend on administrative aspects.


Find Best of the Talents in Simple Steps


Place your skill requirement to bring the right mix of working & high-effect experienced candidates


Select from vast pool of talents across the globe to fulfil your skill requirements


Conduct assessment test to evaluate candidate for complex skills


Analyze individual assessment to initiate the hiring process

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